No. 1 Cradock StreeT

Swansea, SA1 3EN



Temporary Mobile Numbers:    07385 092437     07385 092438

We have had to close our store temporarily as a result of the Government enforced lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

We want to assure all customers that we will be back open as soon as it's safe and permissible to do so.

Pawnbroking Customers

We are aware that many of our customers will have pawnbroking loans secured against their valuables and will naturally be worried about this closure. Please do not be concerned. Your items are safe!

If you wish to redeem or renew your pledge(s) during the closure we have set up two temporary mobile phone numbers for you to contact us on. These numbers will be in use during normal business hours. If we aren't able to answer immediately please send a text and we will call you back. Do not leave a voicemail.

07385 092437
07385 092438

Jewellery Customers

We have the same message for our jewellery customers. If we are holding items on deposit for you or you have items in for repair or valuation,  then they are also perfectly safe with us. If you need to contact us to make further or final payments on any deposit items or are seeking reassurance regarding your jewellery or watch that are with us for repair or valuation then please get in touch on either of the above numbers.

To all our customers, again, we promise that we will be back open as soon as it's safe out there. We hope to be seeing you all in the very near future, but in the meantime, stay safe! 

Registered in England and Wales as Aztec Gold Ltd. Company No. 06989590


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